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Three of the Best Technical Tools for Trading

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How Morgan Stanley Made Lithium Inexcusably Cheap

Lithium stocks saw better days in early 2018.

Albemarle (ALB) slipped from a high of nearly $140 to $86.75.

Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM) fell from $64 to less than $46 before recovering.  FMC Corporation (FMC) plummeted from $98 to less than $75.

All thanks to a bearish forecast from Morgan Stanley, whose analysts predicted that lithium prices would fall significantly by 2021 on the heels of a massive spike in global supply.

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Moving Averages with Candlestick Analysis

Combining Moving Averages and Candlestick Analysis is “Profit-Making Magic.”

I recently added quite a few “new and improved” innovations to the so-called “classic” Japanese Candlestick methodology. Through more than three decades of intense study and analysis of candlestick patterns, I discovered a set of entirely new candlestick trading techniques which make the basic methodology even more powerful.

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A Closer Look at Energy ETF Opportunities

Since June 2017, oil prices rocketed from a low of $42.05 to a high of $64.30 in early 2018.

At the time, that was the highest crude oil prices had been since May 2015 thanks in part to OPEC production cuts.  We were also seeing strong demand growth in China, too.

It’s the reason Exxon Mobil (XOM) jumped from a 2017 low of $75 to $87.50. Chevron (CVX) ran from $101 to $133.60.  Conoco Phillips (COP) exploded from $42 to $60.

But some of the biggest winners have been related energy ETFs at less cost.

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How to Spot Profitable Opportunities

One of the worst things that traders still do to this day is ignore stocks at 52-week lows, even when it comes to the biggest stocks in the world.

But to be honest with you – that’s exactly when you want to buy. When everyone else is selling and becoming fearful of big named stocks, buy.

The question then becomes – how can we tell where the bottom is?

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